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Him · January 20, 2018

Time is precious
Time is non-renewable

Don't waste your time on your anxieties
or on someone that doesn't deserve it


Spend your time with people who will bring you up,
focus on yourself and what makes you happy,
perfect your craft,
travel and just be happy!

I sit here in despair wondering why I’ll never be good enough

- Him ·

She was the hero in his story...

- Him · January 10, 2018

January 1st, I did something I never do

I pressed the block button,
and I couldn't be happier

I don't need that stress in my life anymore

- Him · January 5, 2018

Him · January 3, 2018

Last year taught me a lot about myself
and my surroundings
and the people that's around me

I had my ups,
and I had a lot of downs

But my goal for this year is to focus

Focus on myself,
focus on my spirituality,
focus on my mental health,
focus on my learning,
focus on my craft,
focus on my passion...

The things that make me happy,
the things that make me want to wake up every morning

This isn't the year of catching feelings,
this isn't the year of drama,
this isn't the year of fake friends,
this isn't the year of living in the past.

This isn't a "New year, new me" post..,
It's more of a promise to myself

Just give it time
In a year, or maybe less

They'll just be that one mistake you made

Don't let that person break you
Or hinder you

- Him ·

Even though I wanted you
more than anything

It was never enough
to make you deserve me

- Him · December 30, 2017

Him · December 24, 2017

Every once in a while I'll have days like this

I'm happy
and ready for anything
and everything

As an entrepreneur, I need to be motivated
I need to be ready for anything
I need to have a plan
I need to make money

I wish I can have days like this every day
For now, I'll just bask in the moment

Him · December 20, 2017

The year is closing rapidly
Everyone's posting their "New year, new me" posts,
saying what they're going to change,
and what they're going to leave behind

Don't go into the new year with last years issues
Don't wait until the new year to better yourself,
instead start now

Go into the new year with a new attitude,
a new perspective on life,
a new desire,
a new passion,
and a mind that's at peace

When in relationships, you're other half is supposed to be your best friend, your Person and your go to

You give up having best friends of the opposite sex when you jump into a new relationship

- Him · December 18, 2017